Sustainability in 2014: Easy Ways to Eat More Sustainable Seafood

If you’re still looking for a New Year’s resolution, think about committing to more sustainable seafood choices. Here is a list of our favorite ways to integrate sustainable seafood into your diet in 2014!


Easy Ways to Eat Sustainable Seafood in 2014



Seafood Watch
Provided by The  Monterey Bay Aquarium, this free app uses your phone’s GPS device to provide a regional guide that will rank fish using a 3-category system: “best choice” (green), “good alternative” (yellow), or “avoid” (red). This app also includes a list of restaurants serving sustainable seafood and a handy fish term glossary.



The Sustainable Seafood Blog Project
A great resource for delicious recipes made by top-notch food bloggers. Take some time to look through our Project Partners to find tons of wonderful recipes. In conjunction, our Business Partners are living out their commitment to sustainability and fresh food.

National Geographic
A thorough site to broaden your knowledge about how to protect the ocean and make more conscious seafood choices. Their Decision Guide is a comprehensive tool for those looking for omega-3, mercury, and food chain levels in the fish they are eating.

Seafood Watch
is another great resource for sustainable seafood recipes and updated news on fishing practices and seafood recommendations.


Being more conscious of the seafood you are purchasing and the impact it has on the environment doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether through phone applications or the web, you will find a multitude of delicious recipes that respect the ecosystem and the environment.


By Tiffany Aguiar

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