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i love blue sea


Pier 45, San Francisco, CA

What does your company do?
We are committed to honest seafood direct from the source. Most of our fishermen are family-run businesses, and all are sustainably-minded. Our online marketplace offers customers a way to directly support their fishermen with the ease of knowing just who is harvesting their seafood. Our seafood producers ship direct from their docks to the customer’s door. No middlemen means fresher seafood that is good for you and our oceans. Our speciality is oysters, though we have an affinity for oddities like wild salmon ikura, Maine lobsters in particular, and all shellfish in general. Every November, we eagerly await Dungeness crab season in Northern California.

Why is sustainability important to you?
Our company is made up of entrepreneurs, foodies, surfers, and former deckhands. The ocean connects us, and we are dedicated to ensuring not only the survival of our ocean’s resources, but that all our fish and fishermen thrive! For generations and generations to come. Sustainable eating to us means eating adventurously and seasonally– taking the time to ask questions and share the answers. It’s community.

What is your goal or mission statement?
Our commitment to sustainable seafood has taken us all over the map of the seafood industry, re-defining “fresh” as we connect consumers back to their fishermen. is the only online marketplace for sustainable seafood. Consumers get the highest quality and 100% traceable seafood, and producers are rewarded for harvesting their catch according to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch’s standards for sustainability.

Describe your company in ten words or less: 
Honest seafood, direct from their docks to your door.

Share a Seafood Recipe you love! 
Oysters are my favorite seafood, and I usually eat them plain with nothing on them, a true purist. However, I have an incredible weakness for oysters Rockefeller. My friend Giovanna came up with three variations of this New Orleans classic for our blog, and the effect is sheer cheesy, spicy, crunchy, creamy, briny heaven.

What’s something our readers might be surprised to learn about your company? 
We also built out our own software solution for fishermen and other small food producers, enabling them to ship direct to their customers nationwide, and enabling us to talk about shipping logistics all day long. Might not be surprising but our company culture is very food-centric. We cook and eat two meals a day together, mostly with local seafood coming through the pier. This week was fish stew with halibut and acorn squash, yum!

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