Meet Tiff – Our New Intern!

We were super lucky this year to find Tiff, a senior at Cornell who has come on board to help us manage some of our blogging, research, and social media. You’ll be seeing her byline on the site soon, but in the meantime, read a bit about her here! 


I’m Calizilian (part Californian, part Brazilian), which means beaches, sunshine, football (aka soccer) and tasty food were all a part of my life growing up. After high school, I wanted to explore my passion for food, so I shipped myself across the country to study Hotel Administration in New York. In college, I had the chance to travel and eat my way through Italy, Spain, and France. If you haven’t done this already, I highly recommend you give it a try.  After returning to the U.S., I wanted to share what I learned about food and the importance it plays in our health. I am now seeking a career that will allow me to help low-income communities have access to fresh, healthy, and delicious food.  So I am here, learning and teaching others that sustainable and delectable seafood can go hand in hand, or rather fin-in-fin.

Why I chose to get involved with the SSBP:
I wanted to become involved with the SSBP for a couple reasons. First, I recently became a pescatarian, so I am passionate about making and teaching others about sustainable seafood choices.  Secondly, Jessie’s enthusiasm for food and her willingness to teach drew me in. After chatting over bagels, I knew that I had a lot to learn from her. When she offered me the intern position, I hopped on the opportunity to be taught about non-profits and sustainable seafood.

What sustainability means to me:
Sustainability means taking without depleting the Earth’s resources for those that come after us.

Favorite kind of seafood:


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