The Sustainable Seafood Project started as a post idea for my own blog. Some college friends of mine started a company to connect Alaskan salmon fishermen with Midwest consumers, and I wanted to feature them in a post about sustainable seafood.

But when I started working with Helen, one of the company’s fabulous Salmon Stewards, to develop the post, it occurred to me that there was potential for a larger movement in the food blog community. As a group, we reach a large and diverse readership, and our voices can be powerful catalysts for change and awareness.

So I decided to launch the Sustainable Seafood Blog Project. The goal is to bring food bloggers together in a conversation about sustainability, and to provide resources for sustainable seafood to bloggers and readers alike. Bloggers who join the project are named Project Partners, and agree to use a seafood post as an opportunity to talk about sustainability and announce their new Partner status. Project Partners also display this badge on their sites:


The Sustainable Seafood Blog Project


On this site, you’ll find links to restaurants and companies committed to sourcing their food sustainably. The sections are still under development, so if you know of a great restaurant or company in your area that should be included, let us know by filling out this form! You’ll also find links to informational pages such as Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Project. My hope is that this site will be a quick resource for sustainable information and seafood recommendations – full of resources that will help bloggers talk about sustainable seafood and also give consumers an easy way to incorporate sustainability into their diets.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site – don’t forget to keep in touch by signing up for our email list!



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