12 Must-Follow Instagram Feeds for Sustainable Seafood Advocates

12 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Sustainable Seafood Advocates

Instagram has become one of the most influential social media platforms, with more than 400 million users sharing snapshots of their daily lives. Full of beautiful photography and captivating design work, Instagram has become a popular hangout for brands and consumers alike.

We’ve collected a dozen of our favorite sustainable seafood- and ocean conservation-focused Instagram accounts for this list, each posting stunning photographs, sharing their stories, and working hard to ensure a sustainable future. If you’re passionate about protecting our oceans and ensuring sustainable seafood for generations to come, these are feeds, organizations, and activists we’re sure you’ll love.

Click any name in the list to head straight to that Instagram profile, and enjoy these stories and photos from the people and organizations on the front lines of a sustainable seafood system!
1. AK Salmon Sisters  |  @aksalmonsisters  |  Fishing photos, original clothing and accessory designs by two Alaskan fishermen, born & inspired by the wilderness of Alaska and sustainable fisheries of the North Pacific.


2. Bart’s Fish Tales | @bartsfishtales | The Shortest Cooking Show in the World, where Bart van Olphen shows you how to prepare great, sustainable seafood in only 15 seconds.


3. Billion Oyster Project | @billionoyster | Empowering New York City’s public school students to restore New York Harbor one oyster at a time.


4. Bristol Bay Sockeye | @bbsockeye | Photos and stories about Bristol Bay Fishermen, wild Alaskan Salmon, and recipes from the largest sustainable commercial sockeye salmon fishery in the world.


5. Copper River Salmon | @copperriversalmon | Photos and stories of fishermen and Wild Alaskan Salmon sustainably harvested from the waters of Prince William Sound and the Copper River.


6. Drifter’s Fish | @driftersfish | Photos and stories from a wild salmon company and community supported fishery.


7. In A Half Shell | @inahalfshellblog | Snaps from an Oyster Sommelier searching for the world’s most exceptional oysters.


8. Marine Stewardship Council | @mscecolabel | Recipes, stories, contests, and photos from the organization behind the MSC certification for sustainable seafood.


9. Monterey Bay Aquarium | @montereybayaquarium | Stunning ocean photos and aquatic trivia from the organization who brought us SeafoodWatch.


10. Oceana | @oceana | Exploring and protecting oceans worldwide.


11. Sea to Table | @sea2table | Connecting fishermen from 44+ sustainable wild U.S. fisheries with chefs and better marketplaces for their catch.


12. Waitt Institute | @waittinstitute | Empowering communities to restore their ocean through science-based, community-driven ocean management.


Know of an amazing sustainable seafood-related Instagram account that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below!



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