10 Ways to Celebrate World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is June 8th, and there’s no better time to get involved with sustainable seafood and ocean conservation!

We know it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to environmental issues, especially when there are so many other things that demand our attention.

Here’s the cool thing, though: you really don’t have to spend a ton of time or money to make a difference. Help us celebrate (and protect!) our oceans this weekend by taking one (or all) of the easy, fun, and affordable actions below!


1. Expand Your T-Shirt Collection.


 via teespring

Simple, right? World Oceans Day is selling two different t-shirts to raise money for marine conservation and education. The one at right, available from Teespring, is made of organic cotton and recycled PET plastic.

The second option, available at Me to We, is 100% organic cotton. $10 from each shirt sold goes directly to World Oceans Day!







 2. Have a Beer

Seriously! The Abita brewery (located outside New Orleans) donates 75 cents of every bottle sold of their SOS (Save our Shores) beer to environmental restoration and industry recovery in areas affected by the Gulf Oil Spill.

The Alaskan Brewing Company is also committed to sustainability: 1% of the proceeds from their Alaskan Icy Bay IPA  go to benefit Coastal CODE (Clean Oceans Depend on Everyone).

Not a beer drinker? You can still celebrate these breweries’ efforts: order Alaskan Brewing Company IPA pint glasses, signs, and even flip flops from their online store! You can also support Abita’s SOS efforts by picking up a special SOS T-shirt or other swag from their website.


3. Take a Selfie

Put all that Instagramming and Twittering and Facebooking to good use!  Take a selfie of yourself doing something positive for the ocean (like picking up trash on the beach!) or holding up a card on which you’ve written a promise to be more sustainable. Your Promise For The Ocean doesn’t have to be big and scary – but it should be something tangible that you can stick to. World Oceans Day has a great list of suggestions here. Post your selfie to your favorite social media platform and tag it #WorldOceansDay.





4. Download the Seafood Watch App – and then use it!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has you covered when you’re at the store or out for dinner. Their Seafood Watch app is available for iPhone and Android, and is a quick, easy way to check whether the fish you’re looking at was sustainably caught. Not sure about the app? Download their handy pocket guide to keep in your wallet! And remember: as cool as this app is, it doesn’t do any good if you never use it. Put a post-it on your wallet or on the dashboard of your car, or set a phone alarm to remind you to check the app next time you’re at the store!


5. Treat yourself to some sustainable seafood.

There are some great retailers out there who are committed to sustainably-sourced seafood. Treat yourself to a delicious shipment from one of our awesome partners:







6. Do Some Googling.

It just takes a few minutes to inform yourself about seafood issues in your area. Not sure about the difference between trawling and trolling? Look it up! Not sure how your area is handling marine conservation? Start by checking out your nearest aquarium – they often have great resources for consumers on their websites. They also host fun events throughout the year! Even just thirty minutes of researching sustainable seafood issues can help you recognize terms and issues that will make you a better consumer and a more effective advocate for our oceans. So pour yourself an Alaskan Icy Bay IPA or some SOS and hit up our Resources pages, our partner sites, and the Google machine! Not in the mood for reading (it’s okay; we’ve all been there)? Take a peek at this 2-minute video on ocean health.


7. Go to the beach.


Because it’s World Oceans Day, and that’s where the ocean is. Did we really need to state the obvious?

But seriously. Never underestimate how inspiring it can be to stand on a shoreline and watch the waves roll in. Bring a good book, enjoy the sunshine, and mark your calendar to return to the beach for the International Coastal Cleanup on September 20!

Landlocked? Never fear! There are a handful of coastal camera feeds that stream their ocean views 24 hours a day. You can even watch live streams of underwater areas and specific animals in the wild or at aquariums!



8. Adopt a Polar Bear

Or a shark, or a penguin, or a sea turtle – there are a dozen animals available for adoption from Oceana. Adoption rates start at just $30 and perks can include a stuffed animal, cookie cutters, and oven mitts. Though the adoption is symbolic (you aren’t assigned a specific animal), your donation helps preserve marine habitats, prevent overfishing, and raise awareness about issues facing our oceans.


9. Watch Dan Barber’s TED Talk: “How I Fell In Love With A Fish”


[ted id=790]


10. Try something new!

It’s easy to find a few seafood products you love and be so enamored with them that you forget anything else even exists. Popular seafoods like salmon, tuna, or shrimp are good examples – they made up 55% of the total American seafood demand in 2010. They’re also a good representation of the species that are overfished or exploited to the greatest extent. By diversifying our seafood consumption, we can take some of the pressure off of fragile seafood populations while also expanding our palates! There are hundreds of seafood varieties on the market to choose from. Not sure where to start? Ask your fishmonger (or anyone who loves seafood!) what they recommend, order a new and unusual seafood dish at your favorite restaurant, or check out a Trashfish dinner from Chefs Collaborative in your area.

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